Impact through design network.

Impact Through Design
Sustainable Development Goals and Societal Challenges
The Marseille social design and bottom-up perspective

In the frame of the International Days of Deans and Design Experts in Barcelona April 2018 (see our partners from all over the world), Elisava Barcelona and Living Lab Moving*Marseille unroll activities in Marseille, dedicated to Impact Through Design, addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations. Goal is to link social design from the bottom-up by all kinds of organisations, professionals, people in Marseille to our international worldwide network of design initiatives and design schools, putting the SDG’s in front.

The Marseille social design and bottom-up perspective. We want to bring citymakers, activists, associations, citizens, entrepreneurs together in an open conversation sharing how they see the impact of their fenomenal contribution to local society in Marseille. Central question is: “What is the activator of systemic change from the bottom-up in Marseille? And how can we measure this?”

First event: Open Talk #1