Le Tour de Tous les Possibles for Manifesta 13

Le Tour de Tous les Possibles, a project designed by Joke Quintens and Tarik Ghezali for Manifesta 13 Marseille in collaboration with Ouishare and Marseille Solutions, started end of January 2020.

Part of the pre-biennial urban study Le Grand PuzzleTour de Tous les Possibles is a series of 25 workshops that brings together more than 500 inhabitants from different backgrounds in Marseille: students and prisoners, workers and members of a prestigious swimming club, homeless and real estate agents… A series of unexpected meetings to imagine possible futures for Marseille.


Tribune Tarik Ghezali and Joke Quintens:

Pour une Assemblée citoyenne “de tous les possibles” 


Press made in Marseille


Since Covid 19 we went online! With Zoom and drawings from Bruno Sedan.