Maison M*M

New project!

I decided to buy a two rooms apartment in my favorite neighborhood of Marseille: Noailles. 5 minutes walk from the Vieux Port, Noailles is the hyper central melting pot neighborhood of our city.

I want to make it an oasis of reflection in this very lively “belly of Marseille”, known for its daily market “Marché des Capucins” and variety of multicultural shops and restaurants around Rue D’Aubagne, some of them with a history that goes back more than 100 years.

Maison Moving Marseille has to become a beautiful spot to stay and meet the warm neighbours. From Mama Afrika to Julia Sammut. From the Senegalese tailor to Mustafa Kachetel. It has to be the starting point to discover within less than 100 meters Maison Empereur, le Fémina, Chez Sauveur, Toinou, Le Mercérie, herborist Père Blaize, Saladin épices du Monde, Mon Bar, Tamky, Jiji Palme D’Or, Couture Saloum, Chez Mama Afrika, Ceder, many halal butchers, but also a porc butcher, fish shops, groceries, decoration shops, many African hairdressers and a lot of street food experiences.

Keep you posted how this project continues, and let me know if you want to dive in it soon. From mid november 2018 I will put it for rent for visitors (1 to 3) from 3 nights to a few weeks. It’s a 42M2 place, on the second floor in a typical Marseille house from the beginning of the 20th century with a separate double bedroom and the possibility for an extra person to stay. I hope to welcome temporary residents with a hart for the diversity of Marseille to enjoy it, to contribute to the narrative and to exchange and share in the Moving Marseille spirit!

Joke Q.

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