POST CORONA – We will restart our Urban Field Trips from April 2021. (ook in het Nederlands). Corona proof in small groups and outside including open air lunch, only during day hours between 10 and 17 h and you can cancel until one week before the trip.

We are working on a new completely walkable “1 day intro to Super-diverse and Rebel Marseille” (50 euros pp) and five different 3 days “Marseille Way Urban Field Trips” (75 euros pp/pd – also 2 day program possible) with topics Education (April & October 2021) * Social Innovation (June & September 2021) * Democracy (May 2021) * Urban Development (June 2021) * Culture (June & August 2021) * unique exchange, meet and greets, experiences and learnings ahead!

End of January we will share our programs with you. Interested yet? We can put you on a list and keep you informed, just send us a mail to joke.quintens@icloud.com!

In the mean time, you can discover our vision here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/marseille-problem-solution-joke-quintens/

Marseille is hot. Not only because the sun shines here 300 days a year, but mainly because something is brewing. Within a few years Marseille has become a hotspot on the Mediterranean Sea. French youngsters flock there and prefer the popular, challenging Cité Phocéenne to Paris, Lyon or Lille. Because it moves and vibrates here.

After Marseille Capital of Culture in 2013, this port city is also positioning itself increasingly as the cultural capital of the Mediterranean. That’s not even that weird. Marseille has 2600 years of experience with migration. Ever since Greek seafarers founded the city, it has been a crossroads of Mediterranean cultures and the past two hundred years of peoples from all over the world. After so much experience, super diversity is the new normal. This and the unrivalled resilience of its inhabitants to revive after every setback makes Marseille the place in Southern Europe to discover and learn from. Something is happening here and growing from the bottom up.

We invite you to discover this Marseille, together with Joke Quintens and Dirk Chauvaux, who couldn’t resist the call of this city either. They have been coming here for 20 years and have settled permanently in the summer of 2017. They will show you around in this fascinating melting pot, where every initiative seems to originate from the bottom up and city makers take over the role of an absent government. Joke does this with her years of experience in participation, co-creation and bottom up initiatives. Dirk  as a writer and storyteller. Discover with them working class Marseille, activist Marseille, super-diverse Marseille and meet the people of Marseille.

For customised offers or more information, please contact joke@dwarsdenkers.be +32474976272