Melting Pot Urban Field Trip  

In less than 20 years, Marseille has evolved from one of the most vilified cities in Europe to one of the most vibrant ones.

Maybe it’s because of more than 300 days sun a year? Or is it the history of more than 2500 years of immigration that makes it the most divers city of Europe, where dozens of different cultures can live together? Is it the seaport, that has always given an open view to the world? Or is it the typical Provençal village spirit in a cosmopolitan melting pot? Or is it the energy appearing from all that diversity?

We take you on a journey through Marseille, the melting pot of Europe, together with citymakers, citizens and entrepreneurs to discover the power, beauty and opportunities of this super-divers city. We invite you to discover Marseille, to taste and feel the city. And learn from it. Because diversity is an accelerator of successful change, the resilience of people overcomes crises and culture is the motor for revival. Experience the vibrant, colorful energy with which this popular city is building a different future.

Joke Quintens and Dirk Chauvaux guide you through Marseille and on your way you meet citymakers who show and explain Marseille to you.  Our basic program of 4 days/3 nights from Thursday until Sunday can be customised, depending on the group. The theme of “Melting Pot” can be general or focused on a certain issue like “entrepreneurship”, “nature based solutions”, “culture”, urban development” etc.

For customised offers or more information, please contact joke@dwarsdenkers.be +32474976272

Example of a detailed customized program: Melting Pot Urban Field Trip (Dutch)