Urban Field Trips

For 2022 we only set up customised field trips for groups.

When you want to do a day walk, give us a sign and we will check together what would be possible.

New democracy, the Marseille way.

Can a city that has been poorly governed for decades become a beacon of political renewal? Or how citizens took matters into their own hands because the government did not. How activists not only denounced but also took action. Or how a businesswoman succeeded in rallying citizens to encourage the progressive parties to bury their old feuds, so that this new coalition won the elections and took over the running of the city. Meet the protagonists of this political revolution in a rebellious city.

Social innovation, the Marseille way.

When the government fails to fulfill its social duty, the only thing left for citizens to do is to take the initiative themselves. Or how city makers, entrepreneurs and activists design new methods to tackle social challenges. From homeless shelters to food distribution. How empty buildings are transformed into social laboratories. From maker spaces to an occupied MacDonalds restaurant. We dive into the social innovation of Marseille and exchange ideas with the pioneers.

New education, the Marseille way.

Marseille faces the same problems as every major post-industrial port city: unemployment, poverty, school drop-outs and learning disadvantages. In a city with a very young population and a lethargic government, this challenge is even greater. Fortunately, Marseille has citizens, entrepreneurs and city makers who come up with original solutions. Or how, in the old offices of Ricard, a talent village was developed among the challenging neigbourhoods of the north. Or how in a Louis XIV fortress newcomers are trained to become construction workers by restoring heritage. Or how an entrepreneur of a pharmaceutical company succeeds in realising hundreds of internships for vulnerable students.

New Culture, the Marseille way.

Marseille has 2600 years of migration experience, which makes every inhabitant aware that they are all from here but also from somewhere else. Marseille is also beginning to realise that they can play an essential role as a cultural beacon on the Mediterranean, where three continents meet. We take you on a journey through this multicultural melting pot. We catch a few performances of the Festival de Marseille, which is a showcase on dance and movement theatre, where the Mediterranean and Africa are always nearby. And we learn, above all, how various cultures blend harmoniously together and how a homosexual imam feels perfectly at home here.

Urban development, the Marseille Way.

In Marseille, just like in other big cities, project developers have a big say in the future of the city. This sometimes results in beautiful buildings, but rarely offers a solution for living together in the city. That is why in Marseille various city makers stood up and wanted to work with the patrimony. With legal occupations, for example. In a vacant government office building, homeless people and start-ups are brought together under one roof. A closed tobacco factory was turned into a leading cultural hotspot. A derelict site was transformed into a city park. And the Ricard offices were converted into a talent village for vulnerable young people. We see how we can use the available space in a city to achieve social goals.

The Urban Field Trips of Moving*Marseille.

You take care of your journey and stay.
We take care of the accompaniment, meetings and visits.

Price: 75 euros per person per day.
(The Urban Field Trip takes place as from 4 persons).
Language: English (Dutch is also possible).
Urban Field Trips tailored to your organisation (on request).

1 day through super-diverse and rebellious Marseille.

Marseille is atypical, unknown and unloved. And therefore just as attractive. We lead you around in a city with 2600 years of experience with migration. You will discover how the coexistence of different cultures is the most normal thing in the world here. A city where the rebellious character is ingrained in its history and is still expressed every day. We walk through Marseille and get to know it in all its diversity.

Price: 50 euros per person.
The walk takes place as from 2 persons.

Moving*Marseille is a propagandist, researcher, developer and matchmaker of Marseille. As a place of arrival, but even more as a point of departure. As a laboratory for social and sustainable urban development. We do this by showing Marseille and organising visits (urban field trips, cultural trips, study trips). But also by researching how this unique melting pot works and expressing it in a creative way. We do this by writing and sharing the stories of Marseille (in articles, blogs, opinions, books…). And we try to put Marseille in touch with the rest of the world. As a link for other organisations, between city-makers or by being part of local and international networks.

Moving*Marseille is a window on Marseille. But it is also a window of Marseille on the world.

Joke Quintens, social designer and matchmaker & Dirk Chauvaux, writer and storyteller.

joke.quintens@icloud.com +32474976272 @movingmarseille #movingmarseille